wanted to draw my current gaia avatar but i got bored half way ppbbt



Episode 1a: (x)

Episode 1b: (x)

Episode 2a: (x)

Episode 2b: (x)

Episode 3a: (x)

Episode 3b: (x)

Episode 4a: (x)

Episode 5a: (x)

Episode 5b: (x)

Episode 6a: (x)

Episode 6b: (x)


As most people know, I’m an Animator of the show Breadwinners on Nickelodeon. Last night i was watching season 4 of Breaking bad, and had this crazy idea to mash the two together. I present, Baking Bread.

yeyeye more vale

i gave him a hoodie he wears sometimes— which doesnt really go with his outfit but i think valerio would get cold out at sea
(I made sure the hood was the size of his head!! almost his whole body lol)

the bottom pic is in my little photo slot in my wallet!!

you fly with your spirit

more like you draw with your blood sweat tears and caffeine ಥ⌣ಥ

my perspective teacher that is perpetually angry and tired

we call him levi

lol i liked my character design of italian flapjack baby valerio so

i think a kids show about him would be called buon giorno valerio /)uvu(\